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Ecstasy Piss: Used to describe the confusing phenomenon occurring after taking Ecstasy / MDMA, drinking lots to stay hydrated and physically feeling the need to urinate, yet physically being unable to do so.

Particulary humiliating when standing in the grotty toilets in a club surrounded by smackheads with your knob out and nothing doing.

When piss does come, it often seems a disproportionately small amount compared to how full your bladder felt just seconds ago.

Equally can be the first urination after having taken the drug, often on the verge of, or as the come-down starts (can also be called a Come-Down Piss). As the drug releases its' hold on your body and you start to feel less "mashed" i.e tired, drained, less euphoric, lights fade, music seems less involving, for some unnapparent reason your bladder kicks back into action, causing the sudden need for a massive piss for all the fluid backed up in there. Considering it is advisable to drink roughly a pint of water for every hour you're on ecstasy, and if you were really on it and didn't realise you needed a piss (a common phenomenon) then the Come-down piss could well be a magical experience.

Due to the ultra-stimulation provided by ecstasy, combined with the feeling of release, particularly if you've been trying for a while, an ecstasy piss can be very enjoyable!
1)John: Mate you were gone for long bruv, Wagwan?
Joe: Ah fucking ecstasy piss...my second try tonight, but this time I squeezed some out, like pissing razor blades!

2)Joe: Ah fuck this, this walk is taking ages cuz. Man I'm coming down hard...
John: Ah shit *runs into alley, re-appears three minutes later* Dude, that was a mighty Come-down Piss, thought it'd never stop!
by dingalingsoundsystem January 12, 2009
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