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Breath Mints that have the same effect as a polo,

Tic Tacs have been explored as having a certain pulling power. Most notably the advert which shows a girl flirting with two idiots by shaking her tic tac's instead of...shaking something else. Suprisingly some people thought it could actually work.

Its a dumb advertisment. People have tried but failed with this pulling technique
"Did she just shake her Tic Tacs at me?"
by dickvandyke15 November 15, 2009

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A Plaggy Cunt is someone who is more or less a cunt. Plaggy means shit. So your a cunt and you cover all genre of shit. Congratulations your a plaggy cunt.
"Shut the fuck up you Plaggy Cunt"

"Look at my hair I'm funny, hah i took a picture of my cock to show how big it is"

"You've got chlamydia you Plaggy Cunt"

"Stop being a Plaggy Cunt, you Plaggy Cunt"

"Plaggy Cunt"
"Shut the Fuck up you Plaggy Cunt"

"Adam Wooton is such a Plaggy Cunt"

"If your a Plaggy Cunt clap your hands"
by dickvandyke15 November 15, 2009

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Someone who wants to ejaculate inside a womens vagina. How Snoop Dogg would describe it.

Without the izzles it would sound like this

Can I jizz in your pussy/fanny.

Notice the izzle at the end makes it sound less crude.

Ya Dig?
"Man Just Jizzle in her Fanbizzle you Dizzle?"

"Can I jizzle In your Fanbizzle?"

"Man I was close to Jizzing in her Fanbizzle"

"Could of had kids If I Jizzled in her Fanbizzle."

"Man she makes me want to Jizzle in her Fanbizzle"

"Man she keep shaking that FanBizzle at me I'm gonna Jizzle"

"Jizzle FanBizzle that hoe"
by dickvandyke15 November 14, 2009

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