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When, as a woman attempts to smoothly transition from kissing a man to giving him oral sex, the man's erect penis momentarily snags in her belly button. Depending on the force of the accidental corndogging, the receiver may suffer gastronomical distress similar to that which follows the consumption of literal corn dogs.

See also: Accidental Titty Fuck, Belly Buttonjob
When Mary tried to follow up a birthday kiss with a birthday blowjob she snagged her belly button on Peter's peter, causing an Accidental Corndog.
by dick7 April 15, 2013

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A specific type of dunt; one who has made her way into the public sphere despite being generally talentless, one who is more famous and respected than her contributions to society warrant. Often a duntsolver's success can be attributed to the artificial preference given to them in the name of women's empowerment or affirmative action.

Notable duntsolvers include Oprah, Sarah Palin, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc.
Barbara Duntsolver gave one of the worst commencement speeches in the history of university graduations, using it as a platform to plug her book and talk about global warming.
by dick7 May 10, 2010

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