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Romania ... u have money u have em all ... a country rulled by pussys and thieves ... a glourios and hounourable history but with a really grim future its going downhill and its going fast . Romanian people are actually very nice and hospitable but like all other nations we have our own trash whom we named "GIPSYs" or "tigani" in romanian ... they are not romanian ... romanians are good ...tigani are bad and evil and they should be exterminated, now before making me a racist let me tell u this...they dont steal , kill and rob because they are poor ...as a mather of fact most of them drive cars i can never afford ...have 2kg+ golden chains and other jewelry and they still stink , they still rob ..they still kill ..Germans , Italians ,French ,Spanish people ..please stop confusing gipsy's with romanians ...i admit that there are some romanians that are involved with them ..but they are trash too so nobody would miss em if they suddenly dissapear ..ok ..have a nice day :)
romania not happy to be here like the rest of those 22 milions
by derzelas January 19, 2008

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