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Someone who wears tight jeans and smells like target.
Ron: Some darnett must have just been meeting in here cause this room stinks like the men's section at target.

Shelly: That makes sense. I just saw this guy walking down the hall with jeans so tight I could see what he ate for breakfast.
by depauwdan February 9, 2010
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A condescending way to change the topic of conversation or line of questioning. Predominantly used by politicians when answering tough questions. It subtly puts the onus back on the person asking the question, for not asking the "right" question.
Reporter: Mr. President, it's been established by economists and business leaders alike that the trillion dollar stimulus package you passed has done nothing to create jobs in the private sector. What is your response to this criticism?

President: That's a great question, but look... uh... we really need to focus our efforts on cereal if we're going to truly make a difference for the children.

Reporter/Room: Ah yes, you're so right! That is the real issue. How could we have been so ignorant to ask the question we did...?
by depauwdan October 3, 2010
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