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Short for the Japanese "chuunibyou", which roughly means "second year of middle school sickness". It's an adjective for describing teenagers who try to act cool by being super mature or different, or dark and edgy, but fail miserably because they're still thirteen.

They will often pretend to be criminal or have a "bad boy/girl" image, attach themselves to an obscure musical or artistic subculture, or create super cool imaginary alter-egos of themselves, making sure to post plenty of terrible fan-art and fan-fiction about it online.
"Man, I cringe so hard whenever I remember all the chuuni shit I did in 8th Grade. I'm so glad my mom talked me out of wearing a trench-coat to the dance."

"Ah shit, I thought I deleted all this terrible fan-fiction from my chuuni phase. I can't believe I wrote 4933 words about Shadow the Hedgehog fighting Goku in Middle Earth."

"Oh god, not another chuuni little kid who thinks his music video about Sephiroth killing Aeris set to an Evanescence song is the pinnacle of art."
by defenestrator9001 March 8, 2016
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