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the Greco-Roman-English name of "Jesus." I believe and use The Messiah's historical Hebrew name, which is Yahshuah (YAH-SHOO-UA) which means YAH'S SALVATION OR SALVATION OF YAH. From a corpus of over one hundred Yahweh inscriptions, thirteen have been selected for the viewer to study. Observation of the way that the ancient scribes wrote the name of their God has led to a theory as to why so many archaic forms are retained in Old Negev. It was observed that often when the name of Yahweh was written (in any of the respectful abbreviated forms) archaic letters were used. And since most of the inscriptions of these ancient dwellers of the Negev were religious, their language was viewed as a carrier of sacred knowledge and such a language has a conservative preference for archaic forms. That is, God's name should be written in the forms used in the beginning, such as the forms carried down from the mountain of God by Moses
Yah gave us THE LAND OF ISRAEL, The America=s, Africa, Europe etc is not our homeland, Israel is, Yah made that Promise to us through our father Abraham. Let us look and see the borders of our land.
by dee`non jones November 15, 2005

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