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if somethings kick ass, its really cool. Great! As in it kicks the ass of all else. It can be inanimate and still kick ass. lol- inanimate, like busted's career
"That kicks ass"
"Wow! I kicked ass"
by dead fly May 22, 2004

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Its not just wicked wick if ur rude, its cool aswell- so there comes wicked cool. Only sad people say cool wicked and only cool black people say wicked cool man. yeah its wicked cool- use it! :)
"Oh my god, that game is wicked cool my nizzle fizzle"
"Thats about as wicked cool as a fat kid with no clothes on. Dude! Not wicked cool!"
by dead fly May 21, 2004

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short for wicked, only if your cool and/or black can you say wick. You also can say it if you rude. Only rude boys, cool and black people can use this word. Otherwise you just sound stupid and people will laugh at you. If something is wicked- its really good, if somethings wick- oh my god- how can it be so wicked! There should be a word for it. The word for it is wick! Wick is also linked with wicked cool in the sence something can be wick cool.
"Wow, that is wick, no, I'm not joking, that is seriously wick"
"I met this great girl yesterday. Wick."
"Thats wick cool is that my son!"
by dead fly May 22, 2004

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