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A school consisting of 99.9% white students. They impress freshmen with their flags from other countries, smiling tour guides and striking dorms. But what they dont tell you is that the RAs will write you up every chance they get, the wind never stops and it gets fuckin cold, if you are lucky to get in a dorm with a/c theyre gonna turn it off 3 weeks into school. Cafe has good food but the chances of getting something other than chicken, highly unlikely. The D3 sports teams might as well be D5 with their 0 wins. If you are lucky enough to live on southcampus you will be graced with the erupting noise of the schools biggest fag in his blue and silver mustang. news flash: the loudness of your car does not add to the 1" size of your tiny dick. Soph’s get the shaft with housing being put at BayPoint, former Hotel, now the lovely dorm of RWU. Upperclassmen are allowed wet dorms of NewRes and BaySide (such original names). bro's; good luck getting even a BJ from a girl that doesnt want you to be her boyfriend. CEN puts on pep rallys that no one attends. The shuttles run either 15 min early or 37 min late, so it is better to take the 9 hour walk to jlot to get your $50000 car daddy bought you. They have a sweet water tower that could hold all the confiscated alcohol from cedar. PSafte has nothing better to do than put a parking ticket on your car or a boot on your sweet rims.

Dont forget your fitted hat, marijuana, pharmaceutical drugs, long board, or lax bro shirt upon moving in.
Broski: Do you go to Roger Williams University?
LaxBro: Nah, i transferred like all the other froshes.
Broski: Why?
LaxBro: Im black.
Broski: Valid point.
by day of service 08 March 27, 2010
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