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Oshawa is a city 30 minutes (in no traffic) east of Toronto, the largest city in Canada.

It is the largest city to the east of Toronto in Ontario with the exception of Ottawa. Oshawa is traditionally conservative and is the typical 'suburb city'.

Oshawa is seperated into two halfs, these being the North End, and the South end (or dirty south)
The two groups of people living in said areas are vastly different.
North end people are all stuck up little rich kids, who get mommy and daddy to buy them everything.(see "Courtice")
North-enders have generally better cars than south-enders, because mom and dad buy new cars like, every week.
North-enders are addicted to south end weed, because they are all too stuck up to grow for themselves.

South-enders are normally little hell raisers.
South-enders buy their own cars, and they are always pieces of shit.
The most Southern part of the south end contains the 'ghettos'.The ghettos are located in the big apartment buildings on Wentworth, and right at the lake in the dirty complexs. Most North-enders fear the ghetto, while south-enders just dont give a fuck.
The south-end weed thrives in the ghettos, and keeps them alive.

Teenagers in Oshawa vary in race and grouping depending on High School. It works as follows:

O'Neill Collegiate & Vocational Institute: Very Preppy (dominated by the 'PA' Crowd, 'PA' being Preforming Arts, a special O'Neill program) with small Gangster Cliques overlapping in to the 'Wigger'.

Eastdale Institute: Extremely Gangster with few Preps.

McLaughlin: An equal balance between Preps and Gangster.

Donovan: Very Gangster and very overrun by drugs and sex.

GL Roberts, Central: Unbeliveably Ghetto. If you don't deal drugs, have at least two STDs or carry a gun you are out of place at either of these schools.

Pereyma, Dwyer: Catholic schools. Make up most of Oshawa's pregnancys, Fights and drug deals are very common. Very full of themselves.
Oshawa Teenagers

O'Neill Student: Let's go to choir!
Eastdale: Naw man what'chou talkin' 'bout, foo'?
Donovan: I think he wants to do all the hot choir girls.
GL Roberts: I gave one of them Chlamidiya!
Pereyma: Oh man, I knocked that slut up again?!

North end kid: my car is better than yours!
South end kid: I'm sorry my car is a piece of shit, my parents didnt buy it for me!
by davesnothere March 03, 2008

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