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1. wanna be fucking you.

2. Also may be interpreted as, "was being funny not untoward" even if it really means 1.
>> Ooo baby wbfnu

>>who is this? you weren't being funny, just weird!
by dasj7 November 17, 2010
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It stands for "Best BlackBerry Messenger Friend Forever"

1. A friend you are always messaging on BlackBerry Messenger because it's free and less pressure than calling, or you both prefer text to live talk. 2. Backup contact for late night texting and random chatting with to help make people think you are in demand. 3. Someone you like enough to talk to once in a while by instant message but not enough to get close with.

If someone says they are your BBBMFF it means they are TTH.

Comes from BBM, BlackBerry Messenger app on BlackBerry phones, and BFF, as defined by the Paris Hilton show
BlackBerry User 1: Added u to my BBM
BlackBerry User 2: Kewlz! Now we can be BBBMFFs
BlackBerry User 1: (silence)
BlackBerry User 2: K, good, cu later bb
by dasj7 April 17, 2010
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Personal problems that make you cry a lot, and make you avoid other people, either because you think they won't like you once they find out or so they don't get dragged into it.

Originating from the image of the disease causing people to cry tears of blood and its contagiousness.
The ebola is acting up :'(
by dasj7 April 17, 2010
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