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A meme about the game Tetris that originates from a quote from the Classic Tetris World Championships of 2016. When a player named Jeff did a Tetris (clearing 4 rows at once), the host said this.
A: *does a Tetris*
B: Boom Tetris for Jeff
by darkwizard2 October 24, 2018

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When someone calls you a pervert.
Used as "to Schezo someone".
Originates from a running gag in the Puyo Puyo series where Schezo (a character from there) gets constantly called a pervert due to his poor wording.
Dude, stop Schezoing me!
by darkwizard2 October 11, 2018

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The reason why no one wears round glasses.
A: Wanna try these glasses?
B: No, they're Harry Potter glasses!
by darkwizard2 November 01, 2018

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