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A sexual fetish involving a fascination with mermaids often to the point of being borderline erotic; a mermaphile
2. one who is sexually fixated on mermaid related paraphernalia i.e. costumes, drawings books poems, styles, clothing, etc.
3. A variation of aquaphilia where said person will have sex in pools, lakes, rivers or any large body of water.
Ariel: my boyfriend is such a mermaphile,ever since I told him my name, he won't have sex with me unless I dress up in a mermaid's tail!
by darkninja443 June 28, 2011
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Also known as deprogramming, a term applied to someone who was raised in a fanatically religious background, usually a cult and the process of introducing them to facts about the real world i.e. scientific processes, violence, sexuality, other religions, pleasure, drugs or a hedonistic/secular lifestyle.
2. The process of being reintroduced into real-world situations after cult brainwashing or abuse
Guy 1: You know that guy Noah? he used to be a real hard-core ICOC member, but now he goes to wild orgy parties and practices Wicca!

Guy 2: Yes he's gone though major deflanderization
by darkninja443 June 28, 2011
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The process whereby an innocent girl (usually a schoolgirl or virgin), has her sex drive raised considerably after her first sexual experience. This happens usually from orgasmic stimulation or the massaging or activation of her erogenous zones. Her hotspots may differ depending on her personal taste or what she likes. After this, her sex drive goes from normal to voracious.
2. The cure for a low sex drive
You know my girlfriend Summer is gorgeous, but we hardly ever get to have sex! But I discovered or hotspots and now she's gone through nymphomorphasis and can't get enough. I love it.
by darkninja443 June 28, 2011
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