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"Damnit Danny, don't you even think about coming home for CHRISTmas with a new devil's cartoon!"

"I just don't understand these kids today covering up their faces with devil's cartoons!"
by dann1burk May 31, 2018
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A post on a social media thread, or private conversation, in which the person posting satirizes common elements of other people's posts by making it too weird or outlandish to be serious.

This can be overt, or subtle, but the highest quality roast post tricks you into believing it might be a real post before the roast becomes clear.
A Roast Post In the context of a work sack channel on a day that an important report is due:
"Did everyone get a chance to checkout the TPS report?"
- TPS report being a reference to the meaningless reports the characters in Office Space were forced to file
by dann1burk November 08, 2019
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n00bstew (Adj.) is something you make or brew whilst pwning n00bs. It also describes the visual aftermath of a well placed frag grenade or semtex.
"Not now guys, I'm brewing n00bstew"

"Dude! You walked right into that guy's semtex!"
"I know man, he turned me into n00bstew.."

(Walks into blood soaked room)

"Damn man, somebody was brewing n00bstew in here.."
by dann1burk October 29, 2011
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