3 definitions by daniul webstir

('mims-zin-ski)1. n: One who lives miserably or regimentally to preserve and/or hoard his wealth.
2. Of or belonging to the family tightwadicus.
3. A relative unit used to measure tightness. Equivilant to the term 20 GPa (where GPa = 10 kbar = 10,000 bar = 9,870 atm). Commonly expressed as 'The force required to transform carbon into diamond', or (slang)'tighter than a mormon virgin'.
4. n: One who posesses the ability to exhaust excessive time to resist minimal monetary expenditure. In all equations, time is infinite and has no inherent value.
1. Restricting one's activities or dietary intake to a regimented level, so as to preserve wealth.

4. "Talk about a mimszinski, he'd work 8 hours to save one dollar"
by daniul webstir April 29, 2005
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a dork, a dweeb. Not necessarily a bad thing.
see mims,mimszinski
don't be such a weenie
by daniul webstir April 29, 2005
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A term used to describe Massachusetts. Although not the highest taxing state for income taxes, certainly one of the leading states in taxing everything within the boundaries of the state.

Mass is a miserable place full of liberals the closer you get to the coast.

Problem is, people there don't even realize it. You have to leave the state to have full comprehension of the problem.

The East coast version of California...another collection of leftist idiots.
After 22 years of living in taxachusetts I left the liberal state and all it's massholes, I will NEVER return.
by daniul webstir April 29, 2005
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