5 definitions by danikasiugky

Means the same as sure but it looks like how it sounds I mean come on
Friend 1: Bro, imma drink so much "henny" at that party and fuck some of em' girls ova there.

Friend 2: Bitch shut the fuck up. we all shure the fuck you ain't
by danikasiugky June 20, 2018
Kill Me With You.
Person: I wanna kill myself omg.

Person 2: OMG ! BITCH ME TOO! KMWY!!!!11!
by danikasiugky June 21, 2018
"Yo dawg... shorty right here saying igabd"
"igabd wanna see?"
by danikasiugky September 24, 2019
Ex: Hey daddy I want u back. Im sorry I cheated.

Person: Nah bitch, HOMD
by danikasiugky June 20, 2018
(During sex)

Girl: Hey can you suck my ass clean?

Boy: sure IWSYA
by danikasiugky June 17, 2018