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The term "hugbox" at its most basic meaning, refers to a forum where everyone shares the same opinion, but for many ignorant and idiotic neruotypicals, the term "hugbox" is used as a way to put down people who suffer from Asperger's Syndrome. Alot of idiot NTs love to use the term "hugbox" to insult Asperger discussion forums because they lack an understanding of Asperger's and love to whine about how it is a "fake disease for attention whores". The idiot who wrote the first definition for hugbox is a perfect example of these ridiculous NTs.
Stupid NT: I believes assburgers is a fake snydrome lol! U r just an attntion seeking emo faggot gay homo if u claim to haz assburgers. lol! Whiny bitches lol!

Aspie: Uh, dude, Asperger's is a completely real syndrome that can be quite a burden for those who suffer from it. Those who suffer from Asperger's have a extremely hard time trying to fit in with other people and are constantly...

Stupid NT: wah wah wah stfu loser. GTFO and go killz yourself.

Aspie: Stop being ignorant and...

Stupid NT: stop crying just becuz u cant make ne friendz fag. now go run off to your little hugbox so you can bitch and moan there... lol, we adults dont want to listen to the little baby emo faggot aspie.
by daguy44 January 6, 2011
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