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When you slip a picture of your junk in with others pretending not to know it's there, and proceed to show all of them to an unsuspecting person you are hitting on while acting like you did not have a clue it was there, and in result they bang you hard.
Dave: So I went to Christie's house yesterday and you wont believe what happened.
Richard: What? Tell me, tell me!
Dave: Dude, I gave her the old slip boom bang, and it worked!

Richard: What the hell is that?

Dave:Well i took a picture of my cock all fluffed up, then i mixed it in with some scenery pictures, and boom when it popped up, I acted unaware that I even knew it was in my camera.

Then I just acted all shy, and ashamed.

Not only did she hop on for a pony ride, but she also licked my wad off her landing strip. I have never seen anything like it. Nor have I had sex like that, it was explosive!
Richard: <WOW> Sounds like she liked what she saw. That Christy sounds like a keeper!
by daganjaguy January 11, 2011

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