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A response to urges to do better academically, though it is not limited to school. It is commonly used to show indifference to a suggestion.
I don't care. I bag groceries.
by dacousin January 05, 2011
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A term oft-used by teenage and/or pre-pubescent boys that play Call of Duty: Black Ops at least 4 hours every day. The term is often yelled into a headset while playing on Xbox Live so as to alarm and thus disturb the gameplay of other players.

Emphasis is usually put on the "e" and "o" in Leroy, dragging out the pronounciation. i.e. Leeeeerooooy. While emphasis is put on the second syllable, "kins" in Jenkins. i.e. JenKIIINS.
"Frag out!"

"Leroy Jenkins!"

"Dude! WTF I just got killed because you distracted me.
by dacousin January 04, 2011
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