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The phase where someone goes out and has sex with almost anybody that shows some interest in that person. Usually occurs after rejection from someone s/he is interested in or is in love with. In that phase, the person seeks either revenge for the rejection or reassurance of any sort in him/herself, be it looks, attractiveness, intelligence, sexiness, etc, etc and will usually be very very easy to pick up and take anywhere as long as anyone shows some sort of interest in him/her. Differs from a rebound in the sense that it is not one person that s/he will latch on but will seek assurance from as many people as s/he can. People on rampage will literally fuck the whole town. Traces of this continues long after s/he is over that phase.
Emmy: What's wrong with Anna? This bar sucks. Let's go to another one.
Sarah: Oh. She said she was having an intelligent conversation with that guy there.
Emmy: Intelligent conversation on what? Where to best fuck? I am sick of this rampage she's on!!
Sarah: Yeah I know she's a whore, but come on, she's been through shit.
by da pole December 04, 2009
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