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A special condom that comes equipped with a Leather hat, Machete, and bad-ass Australian accent, just like Crocodile dundee! It's slogan: For those particularly Hairy moments.
Man, I had the worst case of jungle fever last night. Had to pull out a Bushwhack-her on this chick.
by d.dubs May 23, 2009

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Not only a hit movie of the 90's, but a sexual act performed only in dire situations when a girl is being stubborn. Only two steps required:

1) Slap the belligerent bitch with your limp penis.
2) Repeat step one until said bitch gives you a blow job.

No words are expected during this act, just explicit compliance.
Theoretical situation for the Flubber:

Tommy: Hey!
Jess: Hey...Why are you nak-
T: Slap....slap slap.... slap slap slap slap slap slap
J: FINE! Om nom nom nom nom
by d.dubs May 23, 2009

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