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Sexual act whereby an individual applies mouth to anus of willing partner who then passes flatus, while said individual inhales deeply, holding his/her breath. Individual then exhales entirely into mouth of partner while he/she inhales deeply.
After running out of NOS, Bill and Larry decided to up the ante and began two fisting empanadas and chorizos in preparation for a mind blowing Texas Wind Tunnel session.
by d.c. sterner February 01, 2008
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Distinctive aroma given off by societal caste of buffoons who can be categorized under the moniker "hippy". Often used to express the smell associated with pseudo-revolutionaries who believe girding your loins with soiled hemp underpants is the quickest way to end the plight of the third world.
Hippies smell like dog sex.
by d.c. sterner February 01, 2008
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University of Texas team sport where two players lock in with their erect penises and reverse thrust their pelvises until one or the other loses balance.
The crowd was silent as these two great champions met for one last match to decide it all. With their penises intertwined like mighty anacondas in love, both men had begun the final preparations before they got down to some serious hook'em horns business.
by d.c. sterner February 29, 2008
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