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Noun describing a psychopath of the worst kind who deserves an Oscar for acting normal when it's really just a mask he wears to cover a severe personality disorder. Can be found living a parasitic lifestyle, either sucking his friends' dry by borrowing money and taking forever to pay it back, or else finding women with large bank accounts and playing on their sympathy with his "poor me" tales of woe. Always a player. Often addicted to cigarettes, pot, cocaine (when he can afford it or bum it off other people), internet porn, sexual deviance and light beer. Prefers sex with tattooed women, the more tats and piercings, the better. Adept at hiding his criminal past. Often lives with his mother, but would sell her in a heartbeat for rent money and/or drugs. Can be found talking smack about every woman he's ever dated, and his mother, too, if she's recently pissed him off. Shallow emotions. Will suddenly up and leave any relationship that lasts more than three months due to boredom caused by his own lack of imagination. Astoundingly arrogant with an overinflated sense of importance. Will do anything to avoid getting a real job, including lie, cheat and steal in order to pay his bills. Impulsive; usually lacks a conscience and doesn't know the meaning of the word remorse. A legend in his own mind. To be avoided at all costs.
My cousin just got dumped by her fiance' for no reason at all. That dude's got to be a f&%#@ing Chad!

You know that guy I've been seeing for the past six months who seemed too good to be true? Well, he was. He's a Chad, with a rap sheet longer than one of Cameron Diaz's legs!

My sister finally got rid of the Chad who moved in with her last year, but not before he spent all her savings, maxed out her credit cards and slept with her best friend.
by cutestofthemall September 25, 2011
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