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A swimmers term for erect nipples.
Bob- "I wonder why jenny had her arms crossed over her cheast today."
Jim- "I dont know, I guess she had nippleitis."
by Cuhdusmeed June 28, 2007
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A jewish person. (Generally used as an insult.)
Ok kosher deli your going down!
by cuhdusmeed September 22, 2007
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A game in which one player swings a ball attatched to a string (prefably a soccer ball on a bungee cord) in a circle. This player tries to wrap the ball and string around another players legs. The person without the string tries to dodege the swinger by jumping or diving. If the swinger is succesful in wrapping the ballaround the other persons legs, y pull on the rope causing the victim to fall to the ground. After they achive this goal, htey shout BOGO ROUND-UP!
I beat all of my friends in bogo round-up!
by Cuhdusmeed June 11, 2007
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A game in which one swings a ball attatched to a string over their head. This person then chases others with the goal of wrapping the ball around their legs, which will make them fall.
Ted whirled the ball like a dervich in an intense game of Bogo-round up
by Cuhdusmeed February 29, 2008
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