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The crapload of memes made by Lenin and Stalin when communism was still a fat-ass fad and were carelessly written upside down. This failed however as they launched the ourour campaign so this is basically communist dump.
Capitalist Pig: Hey wanna look up some memes?
Communist#1: Oh hell no you capitalist pig imma look up some wewes, sukka!
Communist#2: Imma look up some ourours you pizza shit.
Communist#1: ...
by cucklefisher January 29, 2019

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a Ryan dude that likes to f l e x his speed skills to other people in the bejeweled fans discord server. he likes speed modes and so far, someone's yet to beat him. his favorite number 120, just so you know.
person 1: "o my god! that boo piper dude just got 23 million in SFL!"
person 2: "yeah, he better thank God that he's a Ryan"
by cucklefisher February 02, 2020

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