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When you bring a date to your place and she scans your bathroom for evidence of another girl living with you.
Usually the search begins by looking for a second toothbrush.
"Hey Girl, will you stop digging through my medicine cabinet?! I told you I'm single. There's no need to do a toothbrush scan"
by csguy December 11, 2009

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A guy who is obviously and undeniably gay.
Usually used to alert another dude who's blind to the clues and doesn't realize is being picked up by him.
John: Hey Dan, have you met Tim? He's such a cool guy.
Dan: Is that the guy in your class?
John: Yeah! He and his roommates are throwing a party at his place and he said we're invited.
Dan: Dude, this guy is gay gay as a fish. If I were you, I'd watch my back.
by csguy November 01, 2009

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