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AfroSheen: (origin as in Charlie Sheen and Afro as in hair do's from the Ghetto no matter what race or gender you are. )

Afrosheen- adverb/ adjective: A phrase you call someone who is both Ghetto and acts crazy like Charlie Sheen at the same time.
Tony: "Dude! Did you see Ashley over there flippin' the table with that big old wig she's wearing talkin' about how her baby daddy never paid the rent then start talking about how she's bi- winning and bi- sexual?! I couldn't understand a word she was sayin' but I like her big hoop earings"

Kim: " yeah you put a couple of drinks into her and she gets all Afrosheen"

Tony: " call it what you will but now she's screamin' her head off about welfare while she's pole dancin""
by crystalschrissy April 14, 2011
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