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Hoagie to the head is when someone knowingly or unknowingly tries to kill themselves with unhealthy practices of eating poorly and not taking care of ones body. This can include drinking, smoking, and other activities that are known the dramatically shorten ones life. Note, none of these practices can be illegal or purely looked down by society. But, normally when someone says this they are only including one not eating healthy and working out.
It is important to note that someone who is doing this may see a doctor like anyone else, but they have no plan or real care to take care of themselves.

Normal methods of suicide is looked down on, they can be very painful, they tend to have horrible things that happens if it doesn't work, and in many cases there is no backing out. While the "hoagie to the head" approach is mistaken for eating problems or non-suicidal methods. On top of this, this method tends to take so long that the person tends to be able to back out of it if their life gets better, the person can enjoy the foods they want, and it's common to hear about people dying from a heart attack or stroke.
Instead of a gun to the head, I'm going to die by hoagie to the head.
by crua9 August 27, 2017
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Fucking Magic (FM) is used somewhat in technology. This is used to describe something that works out of nowhere or breaks out of nowhere for no logical reason. The reason could be something so advance that the user doesn't understand it, it could be that it would take way to long to figure out the reason, or there is simply no logic to it.

Many times this is used when the technology person is fed up with the device and just accepts the situation with saying it's FM. You might even hear FM moment. When this is mention, this is referring to a technology working or stop working out of no where with no explainable logic behind it.

An example is if you have 5 cables and 2 monitors. All the cables work with all the monitors but 1. 1 cable simply works on 1 monitor and not the other.

While you can dig deep into what is going on to figure out the exacts. Overall, it's simply not worth it and you might not find the answer even when looking for it for weeks. So it's easier to say FM or the technology has a mind of it's own.
Person 1: How did you fix your computer?
Person 2: FM (Or Person 2: Fucking magic)
Fucking Magic (FM) can be changed out depending on the environment.
by crua9 October 17, 2018
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It's when all or almost all the questions on the assignments are on a site like Quizlet, and you can pass the class by simply looking up everything on the site.

So for example, if a class gave all their quizzes online and that's unproctored. If you can Quizlet enough to get the grade you're looking or a passing grade. Then it is a Quizlet and forget class.

Note other sites can be substituted for Quizlet. They can be paid or not, but they have to already have the answers. So for example, coursehero (which is a paid site) could be included in this.
You should take xyz class. It's a Quizlet and forget class.
by crua9 May 25, 2019
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