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a person who slays sheep using spoons by striking 3 times in the center of the forehead. His nemesis is a breed of beats known as yetis. the reason for this rivalry, which oftne leads to large scale battles, is that the yeti eats and destroys the bodies of sheep and shepherds as well as passerby who are wearing excessive wool. the sheepslayer fights and defeats yetis using his spoons so as to protect innocents and so that he can get to sheep first and use the wool, meat, and bones of the sheep as opposed to simply mangling the body. The sheepslayer is a man of legend who is rarely seen or recognized but is very much alive and at work.
"I found a spoon broken in 2 in the yard." "sounds like the sheepslayer confronted a yeti last night."

i've never actually met The sheepslayer.
by crameel7 April 25, 2011

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a person who never deletes any E-mails ever. often times for fear of accidentally deleting something useful or important.
That's because he's an E-mail hoarder. He has so many E-mails he can never find any particular one.
by crameel7 April 30, 2011

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Extremely hairy beasts that roam the Earth under the full moon. Their main food supply is sheep, which is why their main nemesis is The sheepslayer. Yetis have lived for many thousands of generations and are often times confused in mythlore as werewolves because of their uncanny ability to change into stronger versions of themselves under the full moon. The avg. height for a full grown yeti is 6' 8" while the biggest one recorded to date was 9' 11". Yetis' teeth are viciously sharp and their claws are deadly and quick. If you do come into contact with a yeti back away slowly and then run in the opposite direction of anything made of wool.
The yetis ate half our flock last night!

I killed 2 of those yetis out back last night when they were attacking my sheep.

My cousin Mel got killed by a yeti last winter when she was wearing a wool coat out on the mountain trails.
by crameel7 March 27, 2011

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