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island east of new york city, consisting of queens, brooklyn, nassau, and suffolk, but most commonly just referred to as suburban counties nassau and suffolk. tons of gorgeous beaches, lighthouses, harbors, and cutesy towns, not to mention fire island and the hamptons. a lot of stuff to see and do in spring, summer and fall. charactarized by an abundance of strip malls, 24-hour diners and 7-11's, and great school districts. suffolk in particular boasts alot of nature preserves, and there are some farms as you get further east although in no way is it hillbilly-ish. the north shore tends to be affluent, most of the south shore is less so, and is not somewhere you want to spend time. but it does cost twice as much to live ANYWHERE on LI then it does in pretty much any other state, so the stereotype of long island being rich isn't necessarily false. long islanders can be cocky, but we have good reason!! its a great place to grow up, in the shadow of the greatest city in the world but with every benefit of the suburbs. you are never more than 20 minutes away from a beach or a mall. not to mention the awesome pizza and bagels that wont be found anywhere besides new york. and yea, we have accents, and we love em so deal with it. long island kids tend to go away to school and realize they are just a little bit better than everyone else... LONG ISland is the best place to live!!!!
that girls bangin and has the best wardrobe, and shes always so damn suntanned! she must be from long island
by cosmogirllllllll August 08, 2008

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