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Either this biggest idiot not "minding the store" of a major energy company or a fucking douche bag that lied and bankrupted his employees while selling off his shares at Enron.

Said douche bag then conveniently dies while "slumming" in Aspen, Colorado while awaiting appeal; thusly ending his conviction and reinstating his wealth to his family without fear of civil judgments. Said body of douche bag then conveniently cremated immediately.

Most likely living in a foreign country with lax extradition agreements with the U.S.
Sentence- "Hey, lets dig up the body of that douche bag Ken Lay and drag it down to Wall Street and place it at the exchange and show those other greedy bastards their cult hero...oh wait...'his body' was cremated one day after he 'died'...how convenient for 'Kenny Boy'!"
by corporatescumbags July 28, 2009
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