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Vanilla Rice Milk!!
The rice, oil seeds and vanilla used to make rice milk are mostly organically grown, organic farmers work in harmony with natural systems to promote the fertility of the soil and the health and vitality of the crops.Rice milk producers aim to produce healthy food in a sustainable manner by avoiding all herbicides and the routine use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers.
Geneticly modified ingredients are never permitted under soil accociation organic standards.
This is very different compared to the absoulutly shit muscle milk. Which makes wimpy gingers think they are hulk hoogan.
Rice milk= .100% non dairy
.lactose free
.cholesterol free
.low in fat and saturates
.No added sweeteners
.Delicious alternative to
soya and dairy milk
Muscle Milk=.100%"oooohhhyeeaaaaahhhh"
.Made with vietnamese poultry
.May contain horse hair
.high in homosexuallity
.high in fat and saturates
.Added sweeteners and sugar
.alternative to steroids,anthetamines and oestrogen.
by consumer July 23, 2004

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Traditional term from the farmlands of mississippi defining a suppressed grunt of sexual pleasure in a barn.
Ernest let out a muffled unf as he wrestled in the hay with his prize porker.
by Consumer April 08, 2005

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