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Whiny, puny dudes who have worn tight women's jeans for so long that their testicles never dropped. They are constantly shoving their thin girl hands in their pockets which further complicates their testicular problems. As a result of this behavior emo fucks inevitably grow up to become adult teenagers who sit in the dark and listen to shitty,lispy songs about candles,dead dandelions,and unrequieted puppy love. They seldom make eye contact partly due to the greasy, dandruff laden, bangs that hang over their eyes and partly due to their lack of masculinity and/or courage. They love to call everything gay even though they would be gay if they could only achieve an erection in those cute jeans. In summary, emo fucks are weak poeple who need to hide in numbers. They identify with crappy faggy music and always try to be in love so they can get their heart broken and gain emo cred with their defeatist self loathing lackeys. I plan to run for president in '08 on the emo fuck holocaust ticket. If i win, we will have sweater burnings in the streets. We will provide guns and bullets to all emo fucks who want to kill themselves, and eventually we will reach the final solution: we will hold a huge free vegan buffet, but unbeknownst to the emo fucks... the food will have egg and cheese in it!
"Fear not the wrath of the emo fuck, for he is sensitive and quite fun to provoke."
by conorcrybaby June 17, 2005
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