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the rabbot, is from a comical cartoon featured on adult swim cartoon network, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The rabbot was a creation that turned against the mad scientist depicted in the beginning. Then once the scientist got revenge for what the rabbot had done to him, the it once again broke free, and now leaves a giant hole in his base.
Looky there Cletus, there goes that damned rabbot again spraying stuff in peoples eyes!
by conner heider November 25, 2004

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Derived from the slowly, but steadily growing community of gamers on the net. Normally, somone who is Roxor rocks, or is really good at something. also, things that are inatimate can be defined as roxor. Although, it may not seem like there is a method to actually spelling the word roxor, there are some grammer rules used with it. If you are referring to a person, an animal, some living animate thing, roxor must be spelled with lower-case z at the end. If you are referring something that is not living, or inatimate, like a lamp, or a computer, roxor is spelled normally. In any case, roxor is classically spelled either RoXoR RoXoRz or |>\0><0|>\z. Sometimes, for quick use, it is easier, yet widely accepted to just spell it like this " Ro><oR".
Singular Animate
Plural Animate

Singular Inanimate
Plural Inanimate

Other ways of spelling RoXoR
by Conner Heider November 23, 2004

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