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One who thinks their opinions really matter. Usually brainwashed and confirming to the non-conformists. Often on the dole as they believe they are too good to work. Also endorse piracy as they believe it is not theft.

Some hipster douchebags often drop the word douchebags since it may seem derogatory, they often forget that their whole attitude is derogatory.

Often confused with hipster(circa. 1940s) which was a semi-cool sub-culture relevant to change in that era. A change that brought equality to women's and African American literature and philosophy.
"Hon! I just heard a hipster douchebag say: 'I don't believe in conforming' and guess what he's even wearing that mass produced billabong shirt with those stupid converse canvas shoes! What a hipster douchebag!"

Look up on youtube: annoying hipster douchebag for further excellent examples.
by conform-to-the-norm November 01, 2011

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