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The process of not calling one's shots in a game of pool. The phrase was originally used in a game of pool by Edinboro University of Pennsylvania's very own Jeremy "Boss" Rickert.
Jeremey: Call your shots! This ain't bitch pool!
by Conandomega February 03, 2010
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One of, if not Spider-Man's greatest enemy. He first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #238 (March, 1983). He was co-created by Roger Stern (Writer) and John Romita, Jr. (Artist).

The first Hobgoblin, wealthy socialite Roderick Kingsley, became the Hobgoblin after discovering a secret lair of the Green Goblin and pilfering his hideout. He upgraded the Green Goblin's weapons and paraphanelia for himself and sought to acquire wealth and power. He is currently retired in the Carribean. If the world has truly seen the last of him is unknown at this point. Subsequent Hobgoblins have included Lefty Donovan, Ned Leeds, Flash Thompson, Jason Macendale, and an unknown, mysterious fifth Hobgoblin.
The Hobgoblin is as sane as he is deadly, cold, and cunning.
by conandomega February 07, 2010
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