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(Noun) - One of the biggest reasons that high schoolers these days flunk out. It is the largest waste of time, and is also the reason that the United States of America has such a low average GPA, and such a high drop-out rate. It will never be applied to REAL LIFE (something strange to high school teachers) unless you plan to be a scientist, or mathematician (see crazy fuck.) According to your Algebra teacher, you will not survive in life without it. This is pure bullshit, and is only meant to scare you into passing. If you're a writer...you've got to take algebra. If you're an artist...you've got to take algebra. If you're a musician...you've still got to take algebra. If you're a mathematician...my hat off to you.
1. Dave: Hey breh! Wanna go to the movies?

Chris: No...I can't...I flunked algebra, therefore by teacher logic I'm never going to be successful in the modern world.

2. See useless.
by coffeeboy992 December 10, 2009
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Rule 34C is an addition to Rule 34stating that if there is not porn of it, and porn of it is not currently in production, it is your job to create porn of it by any means possible.
Chris: Dude...look at how cute that panda is!

Ian: RULE 34!

Chris: Uhhh...I didn't find anything...not even previews...

Ian: RULE 34C!

Chris: FCK!
by coffeeboy992 May 11, 2009
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A term that you say when you make the modern faux pas of accidentally leaving caps lock on mid or all sentence in an IM, E-mail, SMS Text, or chat.
Caroline: What's Up?
Caroline: lol ???
by coffeeboy992 August 26, 2009
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