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When your getting mauled be a polar bear and you only have once option left. Stick your finger or fingers or fist is his anal cavity. This could result in three outcomes. 1- the polar bear doesn't like it and thinks your gay so he runs away. 2- the polar bear does like it so backs up to u and gives u the option to fuck him or die. You fuck him he let's u free. 3- he doesn't like or is offended by it and kills you on the spot. Which isn't all that bad cuz if you make him more mad he will kill you faster instead of dragging it out.
A man who had heard of Polar bear defense jumped in the polar bear pit and the zoo to swim with the polar bears and they weren't happy. He used polar bear defense and the polar bear let him fuck him Now he is a star on pornhub.
by cletus cccccccccccccccccho October 22, 2017

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When one persons birthday is multiplied by the number of wives henry the eighth had (6). then divide by number of wives Donald trump had(3). then you add that number to 698005 and subtract 5,000,000. you now have someone who has a birthdavoo with you. mainly correlates between Carolina regions and new youk and usually the two people have the same nicknames. true fact.
Cletus from new York has a birthdavoo with Cletus from north Carolina
by cletus cccccccccccccccccho October 20, 2017

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