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Remember that guy Donkey Lips from Salute your Shorts? That's Sashanan.
Donkey Lips: I'VE BEEN AT GAMEFAQS FOR FOUR YEARS, BOW DOWN TO ME! *eats seven hamburgers*
by CJayC February 01, 2005

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There are two kinds:

1) the good ones, filled with the stuff I had meant LUE for. They must be helped out.

2) the bad ones, filled with the garbage that made me put up restrictions on LUE. I will hunt them down, and when I do, I will punish them the same way I did to LUE.
1) There aren't many good Mini LUEs out there. But I'll find and protect them.

2) Tales of Symphonia Social Board is a bad Mini LUE.
by CJayC December 03, 2004

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The biggest mistake I ever made.
by CJayC September 22, 2003

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Used to describe filthy liars.
That guy is such a divad999.
by CJayC November 15, 2004

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God of account jacking in the world of GameFAQs spinoffs.
Wow, Magus Machine sure is better than me!
by CJayC November 13, 2003

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The ultimate insult to a "gangsta",
note: this is not rascism, because it refers to any one who dresses like a "gangsta" thus removing it from the rascist catigory.
That 50 cents, he is the biggest gheytter I ever seen.
by Cjayc May 20, 2003

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Great person. Wrote Sonic Adventure 3: The Return plus lots of other great stories.
by CJayC April 07, 2003

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