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an excuse you use when u forget about someones birthday then try to fix it by acting like u had a surpirise party planned out so u pruposely acted like u forgot it, sending a card late bt saying sorry it was the mail was slow, or by calling them late and trying to say ur fone was cut off.
sam- oh oops i forgot max's bday

kyle- yeah wat r u gona do?

sam- im thinkin about wich quick birthday fixup i should do, the mail or the phone one
by ciiiii January 07, 2010

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a combination of sweeping and moppin
go swop the floor!!!
by ciiiii July 10, 2009

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a really anoying know-it-all kid who is a combinaton of a dweeb, nerd, dork, and geek
Get lost you dumb dwerk!
by ciiiii July 10, 2009

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