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1. A person who participate in extreme sports. For example, David Goggins once ran for 48 hours straight.

2. A person who applies the mentality of extreme sports into everyday life in order to appreciated the aesthetic values of life. For example, Byron's aesthete. Another example would be the half-fictional half-autobiographic character in Soren Kierkegaard's Diary Of A Seducer. Yet another example can be found in the works of Marquis de Sade.
John is such a badass deathlete - he crammed for 4 classes in the exam week and slept 10 hours in 10 days.
by chuckchen September 18, 2018
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A kind of background music (BGM) played in supermarkets, shopping malls, factories, or some offices.
It's the end of the workday, and the traffic's very bad, so getting to the store takes way longer than it should, and when you finally get there the supermarket is very crowded, because of course it's the time of day when all the other people with jobs also try to squeeze in some grocery shopping, and the store's hideously, fluorescently lit, and infused with soul-killing Muzak or corporate pop, and it's pretty much the last place you want to be, but you can't just get in and quickly out. -- This is water. David Foster Wallace.
by chuckchen June 17, 2018
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