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Merv was this guy from everett and all he did was hang out. Everett is the place of the nation's worst meth, and who knows what happened to merv. This was slang long before everett had a meth problem. merving it means to chill, merving it fierce is to do this too much or to extremes. gutter merv is like bottoming out. "oh wow that chick was mervly" means good or bad, like you want to merv up on it, but it can mean she was nasty too.
"lets merv up on the nature park and smoke a bowl"
merv it fierce> drink a beer in a public park in seattle after a rave at 9 in the morning while smoking pot.
gutter merv- obtaining the child molester hormone from smoking too much meth
by chronazon January 25, 2009

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