3 definitions by chriscarwill

a funny person who’s very nice to everyone.
hey, have you heard of poopinmycat? they’re so nice and funny!!
by chriscarwill May 03, 2021
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fw_x0mar is a one of the best accounts on Twitter! He’s literally amazing in every way possible, and is very awesome.
Hey, have you heard of fw_x0mar on Twitter? He’s one of the best accounts!
by chriscarwill October 07, 2020
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Zer0 on Twitter is @Zer0_IsCoolio, and he’s one of the coolest people on Earth that plays Fortnite.
“Hey, have you heard of Zer0?”

“Oh, you mean that cool guy from Twitter!”
by chriscarwill October 07, 2020
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