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Welcome to the Etrian Odyssey series of JRPGs! Unlike the name suggest, none of the latter games are actually setted in Etria. Yes, I know, it is shocking and it may come to your mind that it is all a clickbait strategy, but you are so fucking wrong.

You get to form a guild with your custom characters - even though they have premade portraits, you can construct a personality for them, backstories etc. - and treat them either as your new babies or as mere instruments to proceed further within the deadly Labyrinth.

Now, you'd think everything was easy, right?


Even starting from the second floor you will be faced with serious threats to your survival. Don't let their poofy appearance in earlier games fool you: they are actually F.O.E.'s, a.k.a. FUCKING OP ENEMIES. Well, that until you get to overlevel. That's it.

You will rage and think to throw away your DS/3DS many, many times. You will struggle with the ideal party build (you could even have to raise a new party member from scratch if you find out it doesn't work), if you don't map every single nook and cranny (cit. Miles Edgeworth ) you will find yourself at a corner, and basically will be killed.

But don't worry, you will have a lot of fun!

P.S. Fun, as in "crying". Especially if it is your first time playing. Unless you are in Picnic mode within the Untold games. Then, have real fun! :D
Thomas: "Hey, Andrew, what is that game you are playing right now?"

Andrew: "It is Etrian Odyssey! It may be difficult, but it is so rewarding...!"

Thomas: "But if you rage quit many times during the Lurantis fight in Pokémon Sun and Moon..."
by chimeru March 11, 2018
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