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1) An individual who is smart, yet has a witty sense of humor that others may not get.
2) Someone who is not considered "popular" among others in the same age group due to their intelligence being higher than the others.
"No wonder he doesn't fit in. He's a h*ckin nerd"
by cherrypit_ August 6, 2017
The term used for when you're not sure if you're ready to be in a real relationship with someone, so you date them for a little while.
The halfway between being in a relationship and being friends with benefits.

Verb: Betadate
to be in a betaship

Called a "betaship" due to the fact that you're, in a way, Beta Testing a relationship.
Chad: "Bro I just got into a Betaship with Stacy "
Brad: "Cool beans, dude. I heard she wasn't ready for commitment yet so it makes sense that you're betadating."
by cherrypit_ April 21, 2018
great big massive pair of

pregnant twice a week (at least), has a striking resemblance to Oprah Winfrey.

A mother and a wife, 37 years young

Doing your mom doing doing your mom
Jillthedork is an inspiration to us all. She's definitely not keeping me held captive in her basement.
by cherrypit_ August 24, 2021
A phrase used when something slightly unfortunate, yet still amusing, happens to yourself or someone else.

This phrase can also sometimes be separated into 2 words, becoming "lol rip."
Person 1: (texting Person 2) "Dude I tripped over that rock in front of Stacy"
Person 2: "lolrip"
by cherrypit_ August 28, 2017