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Shit rolls down hill:
what happens when a dump is released on a hillside or when your boss tells you to get a job done and you reassign it to someone down the line.
A small turd may increase in size as it picks up debris from rolling down a hill... i.e. SRDH turd
A phrase often used by middle management. management
by cheapsuitdan August 19, 2011
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Shitwatch 2011

an underground Facebook group whoes sole purpose in life is to share their shit. Some UPLOAD pictures while LOGGING in while others just name their turds after politicians, restaurants and friends...
Shitwatch 2011

I just shit a brick! (picture pls) nice one
Tadpole... Fail! little shit!
Hyperion flush! out for recycling
Long Beach Roller... hear the splash! drop turd
Had to LOG out in my pants turd
Vienna sausage and one corn kernel fail!
Crack pot huh?
McNuggets! turdlets
Bowl Of bon-bons shit balls
by cheapsuitdan August 23, 2011
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What happens to men's jeans after being left on a chair on a hot day. Typically, the man does not wear underwear so the funk be with the jeans. Some exaporates into the chair while most exaporates into the air.
What's that puse colored haze over the jeans in my chair?
Oh.. I know... I reverse turtled for a long time and had some strong fettichimny for lunch. With refrieds and now their exaporating.
turtle, refrieds, gas puse
by cheapsuitdan December 31, 2011
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