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Guaranteed to be one of the funniest people you will ever meet, can cheer you up in an instant, definitely one of the best friends you can ask for. Beware, needs constant pineapple or she turns grey. To give a Korane an instant happiness just play a bit of Whitney Houston and she will reward you with French sweets. Koranes typically have crazy hair and a love of french society, but you are honoured if you know one.
Person: "That girl really makes me laugh, she's like a ray of sunshine"
Person 2: "oh yeah that's Korane!!"
by Charlex February 13, 2013
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a person who thinks they're funny, but really aren't. The only thing they can do is impersonate their own grandmothers.
"damn that joke was terrable! maybe im becoming a trevor!"

"Your okay, you are still terrable at grandma impersonasions."
by charlex March 26, 2009
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