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1. it is a team composed of gods dressed in black that you CANT BEAT in rugby, or any life situation. they are so tough rugby teams forfeit unconsciously.
o, yeah, the new zealand rugby team.

2. someone very tough, virtually impossible to confront.
joe rokocoko plays with the allblacks, YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ALL BLACKS
by cervantres May 28, 2009

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disposables henchmen in gears of war with cool helmets; the rule is to follow the alphabetical order, and watch how violently they die. Rules are rules.
Use it in whatever is disposable
Dom: Yo, Marcus, A.Carmine is dead!!
MArcus: so? bring B. carmine

guy 1:we ran out batteries
guy 2: let me buy some carmine
by cervantres May 28, 2009

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