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Reading many of the definitions on here,there seems to be a lot of confusion about the condition.
A mental disorder affects your day to day abilities,thoughts,feelings,perception and basically everything.If someone is diagnosed with aspergers just because they are a bit eccentric,but can function exactly the same as anyone else,then maybe they shouldn't be classed as having a real disorder.I can tell you,i've met LOADS with aspergers that have no difficulties with mixing,understanding or anything.In fact maybe they just have insomnia or are hyper or like starwars!
Out of the 15 i met,only 1 was genuinely handicapped and the other 1 had intellectual issues,so basically,they were only 2 that had limitations.The rest just didn't like the tags on their clothing or something that didn't affect their life,yet me,who has severe anxiety,limitations,learning difficulties,day to day functioning issues e.g. shopping,catching the bus,cooking,speaking to people i don't know,everything like that really badly!-got left,yet all the ones who just were funny about clothing got 100 times more support than i did,so either aspergers is too minor for me to have with my scrambled brain (believe it or not,i have noticeable limitations to what i can do.I mean,i can do about as much as a 7 year old and i'm 16!) or aspergers is diagnosed to just anybody with a weird quirk?
aspergers syndrome is real,but bear in mind,a mental disorder disables you!
by catonia January 17, 2009

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