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(sah-cray bleuh) A very stereotypical (*cough* blame Americans) French curse, which is actually never used by the French. An English equivalent would be "oh my God!." Similarly to its English counterpart, it was once considered very offensive. "Sacré bleu" literally means "sacred blue," but it is supposed to be "sacré Dieu" (sah-cray dyeuh) or "sacred God." "Bleu" replaces "Dieu" in order to avoid the vulgarity of explicitly using the name of God (similar to saying "oh my gosh!" instead of "oh my God!"). In modern times, however, it is no longer commonly used, as it has been eclipsed by many more offensive curses.
Sacré bleu is very American and lame. Try using merde istead. (:
by catherinelareine September 3, 2009
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(PYEW-tuh) French for "whore," but is often used as an interjection, like "shit!" or "fuck!."
Rolls off the tongue better than "putain" (pyew-TEHH), which is essentially the same word.
Pute, j'ai ratté l'examen!
Shit/fuck, I failed the test!
by catherinelareine September 3, 2009
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